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His name is Bill Wallis and he's an absolute charmer!  He's actually quite famous - google him if you've never heard of him.  The thing is, will I one day regret ever having invited him into my garden?   .........  or will I remain under his spell forever?  


...I have a job to do, a house and garden to run, a Greyhound on speed and a husband who likes his dinner on the table.... may keep 'Bill Wallis' to yourself....

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Lovely geranium... but it will take over your whole garden!

Should be sold with A HEALTH WARNING!

Can you keep it under contol by cutting off the flower heads when they've gone over and before they set seed?


...I would think that would be very difficult to keep on top of...

I don't think we should be too alarmist here though... I've grown these Pyrenean geraniums before - endressii and one called 'Wargrave' - pink ones - and yes, they seeded all over the place, but to be fair, I didn't find it too much of a chore... I quite liked to keep some... they hybridise with other Geraniums too...

you've got it now, enjoy it and see how you get on... if it becomes too much then you will have to take appropriate measures...

lots of plants seed don't they.. the popular Lavender 'Hidcote' for instance is becoming a nuisance in part my garden.. seedlings popping up even in gaps in the road which it borders... it's said that Hidcote sold in garden centre's are mostly seed raised... they should be 2 a penny... mind you, it's lovely...


bill wallis is a woman you know...billie wallis

  ill get my coat


Yes Verd- get it now.....

Aren't you thinking of Wallis Simpson....?

I don't need a coat here - it's mucho scorchio today !!!! was too hot...


I love this little geranium and it's really no trouble to pull up


 How could anyone not like that


I have it all over my garden and I love it.  No idea where it came from - it just appeared years ago.  I couldn't possibly dig it out. Weeds yes, flowers, definitely not. In fact, tomorrow I will dig up a clump, carefully, and put it behind my magnolia tree.

 What a coincidence, I have a late uncle with the same name.. makes a mental note to tell aunt when next seen....didn't read your message,Verdun 

Now Bill was a real life charmer. I would say the new man in your life gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for the photo Nut.  What a gorgeous plant!  Mine only has two stems at the moment.  How long do they bloom for?


They give quite a long display hc. Mine are having a good year. 

I grew it from seed and love it. I love it's habit and yes there are the odd self seeders but normally they appear in pots that might be in flinging distance of it but not in the ground around it, no bare soil I think is the reason. It blooms for ages and this year I've cut it back as the flowers have started to go over before it makes seed, not difficult to do when you only have one of them. I'd say hold onto it and give your friends the self seeders as little presents.


A garden  that i cycle past has it all over the front garden

under the window, around the lawn,

 the car stands on two rows of slabs and it is both sides of  the car and under it.!

but i think its so very pretty.

Lady G2, I'm definitely keeping it, and I agree, all those little self seeders will make lovely presents.  Or could go to a charity plant stall.  And I intend to keep some for myself of course 

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