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i tried this with nepeta and it worked..?


More than likely-I could bore you with the proper way to take cuttings but ivy seems capable of growing without our help


With long strands of ivy it'll probably work.  Rooting the 'arborial' or flowering stage of the ivy is a bit more temperamental in my experience and if you want to root this and grow it as a bush I would root it in water on a windowsill.

Jean Genie

I have an ivy in a wall pot that I keep as a stock plant. When I plant my baskets for Spring or Autumn I just snip a piece off and shove it in the baskets . Maybe I'm just lucky but it roots everytime.


thanx evryone..(jean) im going to be replanting my baskets tommorrow and i wanted to put the ivy in those rather than waste it ..


I grow a yellow ivy called buttercup. I used to root this very easily from cuttings. Everybody wanted it so I was kept busy propagating it. As jean says they "root every time"

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