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Morning Scotkat,
Love that camelia and that pot. Stylish and classy. Perfect together.
Veeeeeeeeeery nice indeed.
Woodgreen wonderboy

Thank you for the tour I don't feel so bereft at being stuck indoors for the day. Have you grown camellias in pots before?

Yes I have thanks Verdun really like them .


Its a horrid day tippin on rain ,so a day to get this crochet project finished.


And nwo very strong gusty winds.


Thank you for the pictures Scotcat, they really brightened my day. More please



..I notice you have this lovely Camellia 'Spring Festival'... such a good choice, I absolutely love it... here it is in a pot in my garden taken a few years ago, as I found it outgrew it after 3 years or so and have planted it in the garden...  it's an upright grower, very slim in early years, like a thin conifer and takes up little space.  A profuse flowerer too with gorgeous young mahogany foliage...  as it ages it becomes more bushy and develops a triangular look but still compact enough...

There is a mature plant growing in Agatha Christie's old garden in Devon, at Greenway House along the river Dart.... that's where I first saw it...surrounded by bulbs and suchlike...


yes i know what you mean , buying new plants always brings a smile to my face, my friend and i go to the local garden centre every fortnight and the first stop is always the coffe shop for a cream tea, discuss what we need lol, and then some serious shopping. Its my birthday wednesday and ive ask for garden vouchers, so i will be skipping to the till next week. Lovely pot but looks expensive ????

Haooy birthday on wed Kim have a nice day and tell us about you rshopping tripJust away to volunteer in the garden project at Glamis.

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