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It's a bit woody, has bright pink flowers. I wasn't expecting it to be hardy but it's been here for years and I've forgotten the name

It's only had 2 flowers this year  but the leaves are nice.

With luck I'll recognise the name if someone suggests it



I have a list of the plants in the garden but it's half in a folder and half in a computer and all a bit complicated.


Do the leaves have any scent ?


not that I've noticed DimWit. Certainly nothing like G. macrorrhizum 

Is it sanguineum Elsbet or Elke?



no, it's more like a mini shrub Muddle-Up

growing well in very dry soil in mostly sun, having a good year leafwise, less so with the flowers. I grew it from seed a very long time ago

It looks happy and healthy, whatever it is!  I'm looking forward to finding out what it is, too!


I think one could take a look at Geranium abrotanifolium (at least it's woody and has pink flowers!).


I think we'll be having a wet day tomorrow, no gardening, so I'll delve into the records


Could it be Geranium "Tiny Monster"?


Thanks Sue, that one looks like a sanguineum cultivar.

I think I've dug it out of the files

Seeds ex Geranium 'Silver Shadow' a cross between G. robustum and G. incanum.  (probably from the HPS seed list).  I think my plant is closer to robustum than to incana.

I feel better now

Thanks for all suggestions


flower, Papi jo, just the one, I was too slow

I grow Erodium manescavii, a very different plant, this one is woody.

I found its origins in my file eventually, see above.

Papi Jo

OK, nutcutlet. Can you post a photo of your own Erodium manescavii for comparison? TIA.


I'll see if I've got one Papi Jo, otherwise I'll see if it's flowering tomorrow. I've seen flowers on one of them fairly recently. I can do leaves for comparison if nothing else.

If I have a photo it's not labeled and therefore unfindable. I really must do something about all those plant photos with no names They're no good for anything.

I found Erodium pelagonifolium if you'd like one of those




I wondered if it might be a variety of Anthemis or Artemisia?  The ferny leaves look similar.


It had a pink geranium flower, it's had more flowers in previous years. I shall keep it for the foliage even if there are few flowers, it's doing well on a very poor area of soil.

I'm confident it's 2 generations on from seed ex G. 'Silver Shadow'

Papi Jo

nutcutlet "It had a pink geranium flower, it's had more flowers in previous years. I shall keep it for the foliage even if there are few flowers..."

Well, that foliage of palmated, incised leaves looks quite decorative in itself. Is it evergreen (or semi-evergreen)? Is it actually a grey/blue kind of green as seen on your photo?


yes PJ, very attractive grey/blue, almost silvery. Better in the poor dry place it's growing in now, it was greener and duller where it was before. Ashamed to say I can't remember re evergreen

I have The Erodium you mentioned in flower, I spotted it on the way to the compost heap. When it stops down I'll see if I can get a shot.


Two photos of Erodium manescavii for PJ and an over-all view of the original geranium in question.

I've been researching Geranium robustum and, in the right place, it can be shrub-like to 3'. Mine is about 2' 6'' at its tallest. I am sure this is a second generation seeding of robustum x incanum but leaning much more towards robustum now.

the bit to middle right is another bit of it

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