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I really want this not to be, but I'm terribly worried that it is Japanese Knotweed.  Please can someone ID for me?  If it is, would it be best to pay someone to come and deal with it rather than try ourselves?




Can we see more of the plant please - the tips/tops of the stems if at all possible?

No, Caroline, it's not the dreaded knotweed.

Not sure whar it is though. Looks like a Philadelphus, maybe.


Why do you think it's knotweed Caroline? It looks very woody shrub-like in the photo.

How much of you garden has it taken over?


Philadelphus doesn't take over. It could be a cornus that has been cut right down, and then regrown.



Praps we'll get another photo.Have you got one Caroline or will we have to wait for daylight?

No mention of it taking over in the original message, just a desire for it to be gone.

If it is a Philadelphus it would be a shame to take it out.


I assumed taking over was what caused the JKW fear

Phew, phew, phew!  I'll get some more pics in the morning.  I was watering when I noticed the canes in a corner - I hadn't noticed the plant before now.  It's really tall - seven foot or more.  It's hidden away in the corner, right up close to a big conifer and against a wall heavily covered with ivy - it was only the height of it that drew my attention. There are a fair few canes, but not spread over a particularly large area.

Unfortunately, it was already pretty dark when I saw it - so the pic is taken with a flash.  I'll get some better ones in daylight.



How long have you had the garden?

We moved in at the end of May.  Whilst we've tried to keep on top of the garden, we've spent most of our time on the house.  It's an old place, covered in ivy and suffering all the ailments you'd expect.  We've been trying to remove the ivy from the walls so we can see what sort of shape they're in, as well as sorting out a few leaks and damp issues.  So, I get out in the garden not nearly enough, and armed with no knowledge  at all. 

I feel like I'm at the bottom of a learning Everest!  It's fascinating though  


Sounds a lovely project Caroline.


Its possible that the previous owner had a mass hackdown to tidy the place up before you bought it. You could have all sorts coming up. Also lots of hidden treasures like bulbs to flower in the spring. Try taking lots of photos as you progress.

If you post them on here if you don't know what they are, we might be able to help you.

It is a lovely project, nutcutlet   Overall, the house isn't too bad, it just needs some TLC.  I think it just got away from the couple who we bought it from.  It's got a wonderful atmosphere, and has obvioulsy been loved. 

You're right, Fidgetbones - the garden is full of surprises.  Again, it's clearly been dearly loved and lots of thought has gone into the planting.  There are always new flowers popping up, and the colours appear to compliment each other.  The whole thing has me spellbound.  The ivy has been allowed to run riot though - the house, and the garden walls (3 sides) are all stone and the ivy covered everything.  The ivy on the house had been cut to some degree, but the garden walls were pretty much hidden.  I'll sort out some pics and post them. 


I'd do a bit of ivy removal and obvious weeds but it sounds as though the previous owner put some thought into the garden. Wait and see what you've got.

A garden can get away, a year concentrating on something else and it's gone. 

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