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man in a shed

can someone sort this weather out please ! need to get this lot outside , planted too early again when will I learn


If you really are a man and you're anything like my father-in-law (87 this year) the answer is 'You will probably never learn' 

He's had all his hanging baskets pots etc outside in position for the last 10 days - in Yorkshire - again. 

Many years he has to replace some if not all of them because they get frosted.

Does he learn? - never - not in the 30 years I've known him (Love him to bits though)

Hazel --

Can I see tomato plants in the second picture on the right, MIAS? If so, I think you need to start staking them up to avoid toppling over. Also if roots are coming out of bottom of pot( a fair amount of them) it will be time to pot up to next size pot! Will mean bigger pots and less window sill! Ooops !

We never learn, we always sow far too many seeds then have loads of pots all over the greenhouse, inside the porch and end up being over run with them. Can't wait for end of May when our plants will be put into the ground. 

man in a shed says:

ye i'm a man , none taken

See original post

 Absolutely none intended

One year I will -  I definitely, definitely will - remember to tie in the clematis on the back fence before it forms a huge birds' nest - and I will stake the delphiniums before they start to flop - and I will do successional sowings of salad leaves - and I will....

One year I will learn too


man in a shed

Hazel thx and yes they are toms , I potted one on that was similar size but it had hardly any roots , so I'll leave them a bit . To be honest I don't hold much hope for them , they're a foot and a half tall but the bottom leaves are dying and falling off , lesson learned


This is my first year growing from seed and i went a bit crazy  literally plants everywhere, my wife says our house may as well be a greenhouse haha 

Oh well at least the dahlias will be planted out later!

man in a shed

Thx Tom , glad it's not only me , must be a man thing


Definitely not just a man thing. My window ledges are covered, upstairs and down  the dining table is pushed as close to the window as possible and also covered in goodies. Husband thinks I'm a loon (but he hasn't complained about eating his tea off his lap infront of the telly box!! )

started taking them outside today- what an effort! Who needs a gym membership hey! 10 days or so and all being well normality will be resumed! Fingers crossed 

man in a shed

That's great news Keenie , just this minute took some plants out but it's blowing a gale and it's freezing swear I could hear the plants shouting " are you mad ! get me back indoors "

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