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Thank You. Very similar to the picture I tried to post. honestly. 

flowering rose

I love heathers but they dont like my garden as its heavy clay soil.They grow beaautifully on the Quantocks and I belive there are many species (wild that is).


 The Quantocks,


Pansies Not quite on topic because they aren't something I used to grow then stopped - they are something I actually just didn't like - at all.  I don't understand why not because now I love them with a passion.  I find their velvety little faces so hauntingly lovely.  And now they have such pride of place in my garden. 


I've developed a bit of a thing for violas - when I look out of the window  there are sunny smiling faces beaming up at me from pots on the terrace whatever the weather - and there are some in pots on the table where we sit and have our morning coffee if the weather is dry, and the perfume when you bury your nose in them - wonderful! 

I love violas and all those dainty little flowers that pop up between now and spring - snowdrops, cyclamen ( am very excited because I have loads of cyclamen seedlings coming up where they have self-sown). I have a lovely pink saxifrage that starts flowering in February and does so for months.

However, my current obsession is snakeshead fritillaries. I planted loads last year - I wasn't sure any of them would show as they were 25 for a pound from a well-known high street discount store and all looked pretty dried out. I stuck them under my mind-your-own-business lawn in my front garden and they were fabulous in the spring - passers-by cooed over the railings at them! Haven't managed to get such a bargain this year, but have added a lot more. I just think the flowers are amazing, and all the work of nature's paintbrush.



I will grow pansy again, sweet peas,and mesumbryanthimums (scuse spelling), , also pixie lupins, they bloom from early summer right through to November. I have just pulled them out for a big tidy up but they were still blooming. I am trying to get mostly perenials in my garden to cut down on the seed planting, probably will do just as many, have just dug another huge border that will need filling. next year.. 

 This is going to be 5ft deep, 


That will be glorious - is that a hedge along the top of the bank?  What sort of hedge?


That is a bank planted under the farming scheme, the farmer just plonked them in on the stoney bank, they havent grown at all well but he got the grant money, they are assorted trees, hawthorn, hazels etc.

They have been completely covered with bramble, couch grass and nettles, I am hoping that now they are uncovered, I can feed them up a bit and hopefully grow a nice hedge up there.

I do have lots of shrubs and trees to go in the ground in front,  so will look good in a couple of years.

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