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I grow a few heathers but used to grow a lot more.  I "tired" of some of them but now I'm drawn to growing more of them again.

Dont like them in isolation ...I.e as single I have three smallish beds of them...........foxhollow with yellow foliage, Ann Sparkes with reddish foliage and Springwood  white, all carneas.  Easy, evergreen and flowering during the winter so what could be better? 

So, two questions.......what did you grow that you dont now but would like to again? Heathers? Like em or loathe em?  (oooo, I could have earned bonus points here for two threads in one )


1. Nothing really, have got all the things I like/used to like.

2. Sorry Verd, loathe them, except in their natural habitat on a moor. Too wishywashy for me, I prefer bright colours.


I remember Adrian Bloom's Foggy Bottom in its early days, all conifers and heathers - beautiful in the right light at the right time of year, but when I saw it at other times it did nothing for me.  Now Adrian has removed most of the heathers and replaced them with grasses and perennials.  However gardening, as with everything else, goes in cycles - I wonder if it's time for heathers to have their day again?

Things I used to grow that I don't grow now ...................... auriculas - gorgeous floury little jewels - they're on my list for another year. Burnet roses - I once inherited a garden in which grew a little treasure - isn't that absolutely gorgeous? I have to find a spot for one of those here 

Hiya Dove.  same here.  Thought Adrian blooms foggy bottom was brilliant.  He was a great inspiration for me and am sure my love of grasses, foliage colour, perennials etc was because of him.  Went through the dwarf conifer period too.

Never enamoured about auriculas.  A friend grew them and loved them but they just looked too artificial for me.

Cant grow good roses here so don't grow them but I will check out your site in a mo.

Grew a border of iberis too.  In spring it was eye catching but it was something I grew tired of too

Yes, looks nice Dove.  Purple go well with it? 



It might look good in front of clematis Daniel Deronda?

I only like auriculas in pots or in gravel patches outside little Victoran outhouses with doors painted a faded greeny-grey.  As I don't have a little Victorian outhouse of that description, I shall have to grow mine in pots - I have a sheltered wall I can put the pots on so they will be raised up to nearly chest height and so we will be able to see them perfectly. 


sweet peas for me of which I will be growing again next year.

some roses but with out thorns and bright red as I have lost a rose bush to bad gardening (not feeding) and just leaving it to cook in full sun 


any advice on the rose would be helpfull as the OH loves them. I would like it to ramble over a wooden fence, single flower


I'd forgotten all about them! Thank you so much for bringing them back into my mind - primula obconica! I used to grow them very successfully, in a cold greenhouse and then had them for ages in a bright hall. They were very much admired. I think I had one poor year - and stopped growing them. Now I'm going to try again....

Heathers: from my kitchen window I look out over a circular bed which is full of a variety of summer goodies, but my favourite time of year is Winter, when the sixteen heathers planted to "join up" round the outside look wonderful. I trim them back immediately after flowering and use a lot of leaf mold. I love them!
star gaze lily

Sweetpeas for me too. One of my very favorite flowers. I didn't get round to doing them this year,  why I don't know, do them every year usually.  Did try everlasting ones a few years ago but they didn't come back the next year!!

I loved growing the picture above, cardoon ? But will move it to the back next spring. The colour and the height at this time of year is beautiful.


We have heather growing wild on a bank by our driveway - its obviously happy there so was thinking of adding to it. Lovely honey scent when the sun shines on it.

It was there......... And then it wasn't. I will try again but not hopeful. Huge big thistle. Lots of heads. 



Still not there heather 


i give up. I will stick to gardening. 

Don't the bees love heathers,  a good reason to grow a few!

My winter heathers provide interest now.......promising colourful buds.....and for next few months into spring.  And, yes patty3,  bees do visit during mild spells in winter.


Pictures for Heather