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Hello this is an unknown I grew from seed and is just hopefully soon going to open it's flowers. Just wondered if anyone can ID it?

The other thing I have going on is with my caribbean mahogany. Some of the new leaves at the top are starting to go brown and fall off. All of the new growth this year is soft to the touch. It may be something I did. I took the topsoil out and put fresh compost in with organic plant food. It seemed to appreciate this at the start of the season by putting new growth out. I also sprayed the leaves with a foliar feed. You think any of this would cause the leaves to shrivel?

The other thing it could possibly is that room gets very warm and dry when it's sunny outside as it gets most of the sunlight in the day. Any thoughts?





Victoria Sponge

I want to say it's a snapdragon, Ynnead, but in case it's something terribly exotic that I've never heard of, I hope someone else will reply

I don't know about the mahogany though, sorry...


Isn't a mahogany a jungle tree?  Would it like to be somewhere hot and dry?  Wouldn't it prefer hot and shaded?


hi victoria sponge I think might be that but it was in a packet of unknown glasshouse perenial seeds and I always thought snapdragons were annuals.

Welshonion yes it is but I always thought it was one of the taller trees in the jungle and would be used to more heat. Maybe I do need to up the humidity in there. Not sure if the baobabs will enjoy that lol

Victoria Sponge

I think they are half hardy perennials generally grown as annuals



Looks like a very spindly snapdragon that could have done with being pinched out and planted in the garden. I grew snapdragons from seed last year, 2 different sorts, and quite a lot have survived the winter - it was mild though. I cut off the old growth last month and they have made new growth.


Thanks victoria sponge

Buzy lizzie Wish I had a garden but first floor flat. Just have to contend with indoor gardening. Never grown snapdragons before so my first

Victoria Sponge

I like snapdragons. I wonder if it'll be the snap one or the open mouthed one...

Looks like it'll be a nice colour anyway 


Ynnead.........can't answer your query but interested that you have old are they or just seedlings ?  I grew some years ago but sadly lost them due to a house move.  They were about 2 years old so pretty young


Hi Victoria. Yes I'm a bit excited to see what kind of flowers I get and then see if I can ID it.

Philippa I only have two. Ones a bout two years old an african baobab and the other is grandidieri madagascan one. That is a bout a year old. I'm always surprised when they grow back in the spring. In the winter they loose all their leaves and look like dead sticks almost. Here are some pics. Smaller one is the madagascan. The african one has been getting pruned but I think I will let it get as big as it wants.

My mahogany is taller than my friend who is 6ft3 lol.




Ynead..........thanks for the pics.......they look pretty good to me

Mine were African.........never tried the Madagascan but you are tempting me to have another go

Years ago with the benefit of a large heated greenhouse, I grew all sorts of tropical stuff...........not all survived but it was so interesting to see what I could germinate and grow on. 


I'm just lucky I guess that the bedroom gets very warm when it's sunny outside as I don't have a greenhouse.

Anyway these are the flowers which have opened. So this is definitely snapdragon?



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