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Can anyone help with the ID of this plant please, I have an idea what it might be, but just wanted to ask the experts??

Many thanks...



star gaze lily

Its flowering nutmeg.....Leycesteria formosa..  really pretty flowers.


Leycesteria  formosa, aka himalayan honeysuckle

it looks like the birds bought you a present.

flowering rose

its the shrimp bush leycesteriaI have grown them from seed.

star gaze lily


You might want to move it later, once its established as its a medium/large shrub. I have one, I love it.




Lots of alternative common names


Nobody's mentioned pheasant berry


Thank you all, you have confirmed my suspicions. I have looked in several books and on websites, coming up with the same answer and many common names.

What a fantastic forum and a wealth of knowledge.

Many thanks again. 

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