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Hi everybody.  I was given two of these when someone was having a clear out.  I was given them with some herbs but didn't get the name of this one.  Planted them a month or so ago.  If you trail your hand in this foliage it smells distinctly herby - very strong and tangy.  One suggestion has been that it will grow tiny yellow flowers at the top of each strong.  The other suggestion was that it will stay as it is and that it is a herb of some kind.  Both of them are about a foot high and have not grown any taller in a month - if that helps at all.

Does anyone know it? 

Thanks in advance.



Try Curry plant Helichrysu

m Italicum


That's it Lyn!  Thanks so much.  I'd thought I'd imagined the word 'curry' in the conversation at the time and so it subsequently slipped my mind.

Looks like santolina to me.........

I would also go with santolina. Yarrow, do the leaves smell like curry or more like lavender, that will answer your query. 



Not a curry plant, they don't have leaves like that


They smell very strongly like lavender.  Extremely strongly.  But - I think the person who gave them to me had also guessed they were curry plant but was not sure.  Sorry Lyn...looks like it is santolina right enough but I wouldn't have known it myself.  This is a great forum for these exchanges.  Such a lot learned and experienced and so much better than spending hours pouring through books or on the web. 


Oops...but we ARE on the web!


Cotton lavender. Santolina chamaecyparissus. yarrow2


Thanks Edd.  Love those watering cans...really inventive idea.  Are they yours and how does it work?



No they are not mine yarrow2 this one is in a house at Gouarec in france. It did inspire me to do one for a client who had the same situation. Its a optical illusion.

At the top is a galvanised bucket with a bent pipe that aims into the watering can below (this is below the water line) The watering can sits on a wedge of cement so it tips forward then pours into the next bucket. This just repeats over and over again down the steps. Here are more pics so you get the gist.



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