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These all self-sowed in my garden and I was hoping to exploit the expertise on these forums to identify them! Most aren't flowering so may be rather difficult, but thought it worth a punt...

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I am not sure on all of them but no 4 looks like a dahlia and no 6 is a campanula. The campanula will quietly creep in the gaps in walls and in between patio slabs. Easy to pull out if there is too much of it for you but the bees do love it. 

No1 does look a bit like a osteospermum


2.   looks like cyclamen leaves

3.  prunus seedling?

4. dahlia?

5.  Sambuccus nigra

6. one of the creeping campanulas


Changed my mind about No. 2 .... having zoomed in and looked at the stems, it could be a squash ........... 

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Thank you!

I'd thought No 2 could be a squash. Bit late for it to do anything now I think...

Not sure if 3 is prunus - it's similar, but not the same as others I have.

No 4 could be a dahlia I potted up and forgot about then, I have been growing them from seed! You're right, it does look like one, it's just not with the rest of them which is why I thought it was one of the unidentifieds...

No 5 - I see that now!

We do have various campanula about, not seen this one before though.



1 looks like Campanula persicifolia

2 squash or similar

3 could be willow, but some sort of tree

4 could be dahlia but I check for smell in case it's another elder like 5

Great, thank you nut, very helpful

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