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Pennine Petal

A friend has sent me this photo to identify, I recognise it but can't think what it is. Could you help please?



Himalayan honeysuckle or Pheasant Berry?

Pennine Petal

Ah, I think I have seen that on a thread before, perhaps that was what I was remembering. Thanks, Kate. Should she be worried about it?

Pennine Petal

Kate, just had a look at the previous threads on this, there seem to be mixed feelings about this one. Feel bad about duplicate postings now.


I have 4 in my garden all presents from the birds, one is getting quite large now but I would think that the seedlings are easy to pull  out.

This site is quite difficult to find old postings so I would never worry about duplicating a thread.


I think it is Leycesteria or Pheasant Berry, we have one in our garden which is quite attractive but seeds down profusely.

hollie hock

I have this growing wild outside my garden, thanks for the id- flowers are really pretty and I think they are good for birds as well.

flowering rose

I have that plant and its very pretty with long chains of flowers and turning to dark berries.I grew them from seed .very easy.I know it as flowering shrimp plant,It real name I have forgot but you can buy the seeds.cut back to keep in check.

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