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If only I knew what it was? I saw one ages ago and have tried to find out its name, then I came across this image...

 Any ideas please?


Knautia macedonica? Looks like a scabious but reddish purple? 


Looks like one of the Knautias LF. Pic is a bit blurry when I enlarge but that would be my guess 



Must be right then Fairy. Should we mention the mildew?


Ooh err....

Rarely suffer from it here to be honest...too fracking wet in these here parts! 


Perhaps LF has it wet as well.


Is it a particularly rainy part of the country where you are LF?

Scabious always do well here too, and they can also get very mildewy  - same family though.

Planted in good nutritious soil I find scabious rarely gets mildew now. 


My soil falls short of good and nutritious, it's gradually getting better though


Thanks. I do already have some giant scabious in the garden (white/yellow flower). I never stopped to think it might be a red flowering variety (and didn't know they existed).

I grew a couple from collected seed this year and they were covered in mildew whilst baby plants in the greenhouse, I found bicarbonate of soda solution cured it. But my mature plants grow fine.


I have an amazing red scabiosa called 'Chile Black'. I grew it in my last garden and and have just bought one for my new garden.. Take a look and see if that is the one you saw? One of my favourites!



Knautia is very happy in my garden in SW France and it doesn't mind drought, but scabious always gets mildew and always dies.


How many million Knautia seedlings do you want? Spend as much time weeding them out as any weed.



I know the one you mean MMeerkat it's a particularly nice one. Beautiful colour.

BL - isn't it strange how they can be so different! I think Knautia is more forgiving  of wetter conditions than Scabious, but that may just be my own experience.


Chili black is excellent.  Grown it for past two sasons.  Really unusual .  Mine will grow in very dry soil without any mildew 

Ashleigh 2

Does Scabious 'Chili black' survive the winter for you Magicalmeerkat and Verdun? 

So far yes Ashleigh 

Think it's slightly tender tho and with all this rain this winter it could rot 

I'm afraid it didn't survive in my last garden, but I think that was more to do with the slugs eating the early shoots as they emerged rather than the cold. I'm hoping this new one will survive, I have that in a plastic greenhouse out of the rain.

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