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This plant must be totally pot bound to Flower

The way it grows is similar to the amarillis / hippeastrum

Flowers on long stalks, furry grey-green thick leaves come after and become quite big and a bit floppy

Propogation by bulbs from main plant, which will multiply and when totally pot-bound will flower (with encouragement)

It flowers in September into October and then the leaves grow much bigger and go on  for what seems like forever, I cut them off around early spring and rest it in a dark place with no water until the bulb begins to develop its flower stems, little leaves and flowers

If I had to guess, Amaryllis or Orchid but I can find no reference to it in my extensive gardening library

Any clue would be lovely. Thank you


Is it a clivia?

 Do you have a photograph?

I am in the middle of uploading them now - watch this space

I am new to this wonderful site so still feeling my way around

I'll get it eventually, do I have to resize them?

SORRY, I have been unable to keep the images on the thread, I have requested help.


Click on the green tree icon. Use select to pick the photo off your desktop. then Upload, which can take a while, then save. It should then appear. then submit.

Thank you, I have tried several times and the photos up-load to the thread OK but they don't stay there.  I don't remember a 'submit button'.  Not one to give up, I will try again and look for the magic button, thanks for your help



I dont think its an amaryllis or a clivia or an orchid. Other than that I have no idea.


 Interesting flower though.

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