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Any ideas on what this is (the one in the centre to the left of the heuchara and to the south of the hebe. Must have seeded from somewhere around (we're surrounded by fields/woods).



That's one of my weeds Andy. Geum urbanum, one of the avens, might be called wood avens


ahah makes sense, i can blame the dogs for bringing it in then! Thinking about it if it's those large sticky ball things we do have a fair few of those around here.


Found this "

 If it gets into gardens it can be very hard to eradicated, for the many seeds that it sheds will take root next year. It grows quickly. The burrs are held far apart ready to catch on anything passing, such as walkers clothing.

The roots have a clove-like odour and are used to flavour the green-coloured liqueur Benedictine and some ales."


Although the thought of making beer or benedictine appeals i think i'll get shot before it sets seed lol..



The balls are probably goosegrass which sticks just as well. Our cat liked to sit on the bed (ours not his) and pick them off


Yeah we have tonnes of cleaver/goose grass around too, i spend half my life pulling it up as the dogs bring them in. There are often very large sticky balls which look like those that come of this stuff.


Do you get the really big sticky ones as well, burdock?


Yeah the ones that grow like 3 ft tall.. the dogs seem to be attracted to them like magnets


Yes, I had a small patch of that, and now it is every where.  A few patches I don't mind, it is actually rather pretty - but in the wuantities it is trying to grow now?  Oh dear!!  Oh well, yet another one to contend with ....... 

This geum has come on a bundle in the past couple of years.  It's normally found with cleavers and twitch which leads me to believe they're probably constituents of bird food that are left 'behind' by birds rather than dogs as I haven't got a dog by I sure have these weeds!

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