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 another closer look .....???? does anybody know what plant this is ? thankyou ...


Great pic but too close and no scale unfortunately. Is it perennial, Hairy/white under leaf/ stem colour?  Single stem or off shoot. It could be many things but bye the look of it it will flower in the next 2 weeks, so that will help. Take a pic then and we will try to id it again.

It could be a phlox, but another picture would help!

Thanks Ed, will do...needs a flower to ID I agree....  

Potspansies - thankyou for response - there is another photo i posted, on different listing..... 



Looks like a euphorbia to me, it is hard to tell tho


Oh, ok, thanks Belike, will post another photo asa it flowers...... 

 This plant is now in flower - the pink centre one.  Can anybody please ID it for me ? Thanx  : -) 


Phlox paniculata type as said, but not sure which one, there are dozens.

t/you Berghill ... "phlox" will do..... our mystery solved! thanx! 


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