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I have these in my garden but don't know what they are.



2 This one is falling to the ground but I don't know when I should or if I should cut it back? 






Well I definitely know 1 = Vinca, probably major and 4 = Kerria japonica.

have a couple of suggestions for 2...maybe a Spirea or? 

Have no clue what 3 is, sorry 

nutcutlet Vinca major variegata

2 could be one of the spiraeas

3 I think is a variegated pittosporum

4. is Kerria japonica


1..........Vinca major variegata

2.    ....Spirea of some sort 

3........Looks like Ivy but can't enlarge the photo  and sure you would know that one

Can't help with the last one...........sorry


I agree with nutcutlet. Also 3 is def. pittosporum, the little dark flowers confirm it.


Jim Macd

1. Vinca major variegata

2 . Spiraea sp.

3. Pittosporum sp.

4. Kerria japonica flore pleno (never understood why that appears to be a mixed gender name)

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