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05/05/2014 at 19:49



I have these in my garden but don't know what they are.



2 This one is falling to the ground but I don't know when I should or if I should cut it back?





05/05/2014 at 20:01

Well I definitely know 1 = Vinca, probably major and 4 = Kerria japonica.

have a couple of suggestions for 2...maybe a Spirea or? 

Have no clue what 3 is, sorry 

05/05/2014 at 20:05 Vinca major variegata

2 could be one of the spiraeas

3 I think is a variegated pittosporum

4. is Kerria japonica


05/05/2014 at 20:11

1..........Vinca major variegata

2.    ....Spirea of some sort 

3........Looks like Ivy but can't enlarge the photo  and sure you would know that one

Can't help with the last one...........sorry

05/05/2014 at 22:57

I agree with nutcutlet. Also 3 is def. pittosporum, the little dark flowers confirm it.

06/05/2014 at 11:08

1. Vinca major variegata

2 . Spiraea sp.

3. Pittosporum sp.

4. Kerria japonica flore pleno (never understood why that appears to be a mixed gender name)

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