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Can anyone help identify this please? My Dad got the original from a cutting years ago, and propagates it each year. It's not hardy so he grows it in pots and brings it indoors in the winter (SE England - the photos were taken today). He says he thinks it's from the 'lavender family' but from the leaves I don't think that can be true. Neither leaves nor flowers have scent. The flower spikes are about 8 cm long.



star gaze lily

It looks a bit like an orchid. Its very pretty


They don't look like orchid leaves

It's the wrong side of the glass for me though. I can only ID hardy plants

star gaze lily

No cutlet you're right, I didn't notice the second pic. Sorry 


Lovely plant! I think the family is Lamiaceae, lavender is also part of that familyCould it be a Salvia


I thought the same as Dove by the shape of the flower. Wouldn't mind that plant myself, its unusual and very pretty.


I'd put money on salvia.

I have a similar one salvia amistad - if you google it you'll see exactly the same flowers, but mauve.
Bought mine in spring this yr at about 18", now nearly 4' and although it looks a but battered now, still covered in bloom!  A really stunning plant - just hope it survives the winter. I gave it a good 4" mulch a couple of weeks ago.
Good luck!


Calendula that is lovely, another one on my wish list...


Thanks for all your replies - it is beautiful, isn't it? The flowers are a pale mauve - I had the flash on on my phone which makes them look whiter than they are. I think you are all right - a salvia of some sort. The leaves have a darker, almost red underside. They do look like the the amistad one but websites say this is a very new plant - my Dad has had it many years - and that it's hardy which this isn't.


Perhaps your Dad discovered it

RHS lists the hardiness as follows- 

Resilience Hardiness

H3 (half hardy - unheated greenhouse/mild winter)

Just a guess: white plectranthus?


Rusflorum: I think you've got it! Fantastic - thanks so much


That's a new one on me - I'll keep my eyes open for it 


Good on you rusflorum. that plant had been bugging me. I was convinced it wasn't a Salvia , the leaves didn't look right. 

Thanks. The local supermarket is always selling loads of these, they flower

for ages and are trouble-free.

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