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 Any one got a name for this please,  I grew it from a 'Borrowed' cutting last year,  it's evergreen and creeps across the ground  it's silvery grey and has a small white flower in early spring,  thank you.


Cerastium tomentosum aka Snow in Summer, a right thug it is too!


I think I would have to see it in flower, there are so many grey leaved, white flowered plants. But I don't know any of them that well, others might do better

Berghill wrote (see)

Cerastium tomentosum aka Snow in Summer, a right thug it is too!

I've always found it quite controllable 


Oh thanks Berghill,  I don't mind it being a thug as  I have a lot of ground for it to cover and I can give it a hair cut every year to keep it under control,  thanks again x x



However, this is a really strong thug, it covers miles (literally) of bank near our ex-quarry fields, and there it looks lovely.  Hard to get rid of in the garden if you get fed up with it.  You can grow little spring bulls like iris reticulata through it - that is lovely. 


Hi Rainjustlearning,

I agree with everyone on the snow in summer ID. I've heard it looks great tumbling down a big pot

Jim Macd

Yes, it is Cerastium tomentosum, closely related to our Mouse Ears. My mum always said, she 'wouldn't give it to her worst enemy'. It's fine as long as it doesn't get under rocks, rubble or walls, if it does then you'll have a job on. I got rid of it eventually from the front of my garden by constantly pull it up. We knew it as 'White Rock'. 

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