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I have spent some time trying to identify a  pond plant, which has delicate snowflake like leaves that grow in layers and has just thrown up a flower spike with layers of pretty white flowers with yellow centre appox  5mm . Can anyone please ID it for me ? 

I tried to insert pictures but could not upload from "My Computer"

Thanks Alan


How serendipitous, I have just posted similar. Not sure about the leaves but I have marginal with lovely tiny white flowers on spikes called Mazus reptans alba. I hope it is this one so that I can feel very clever!

Oh, disappointing, just seen pics and it isn't like that, flowers similar though.

Sorry no help at all....


Hi Reb,

'fraid it is not a match as mine is completely submerged and used by the local newts to lay eggs on. but the Mazus reptans alba looks an attrative marginal, I may have to add.

Thanks Alan

Thanks V. Much,

I had rejected these as I could only find them for aquatic tanks and none seemed to be hardy. However the plant in our pond has survived several winters even when ice was nearly an inch thick. But looking in WIKI it mentions flowers just like the ones we have on stalks which arise from the water, for Cabomba caroliniana. I note that in Australia it has become an invasive weed in wild water, and categorised as "Restricted Plant (Class 5 noxious weed)"   so I will make sure it does not escape from the pond.

Thank you for solving this mystery so quickly.  Alan

Hi again,

just an update on the identity of this plant, after seeing the exactly thr same plant at a garden centre, it is actually "Hottonia palustris" or Water Violet or  Featherfoil.

Thanks to all who responded.  Alan

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