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Has anyone got any germinated nyjer seed. I need a photo to compare with my mystery plant. I don't need flowers. It's been suggested as an ID for this plant I previously posted but it doesn't seem to match any images I've seen

They you go nut 


Many thanks Zenjeff, that's what I thought it looked like.  It's not my plant is it?

would you mind going and squeezing a leaf to see if it's soft and furry or smells? Just to be sure

Yours doesn't doesn't look soft and furry. when you squeeze mine it's almost sticky and you can feel something on your fingers afterwards

No nut not sticky and just a grassy smell when leafs crumpled up defo not furry plot thickens , with feeding the goldfinches I am forever pulling them out left this one to see if it would flower but dought  it now here in the North East .


Nyjer plants are very disappointing when they flower - not like teasels which I thought I was nurturing last year. Insignificant flowers and small seed heads. I pull them up when I see them. I'm in the balmy south/south west!



I can see the resemblance to teasels in Zenjeff's pic. 

Thank you both, I am now 100% sure this isn't nyger, previously I was 99.9% sure.

Zenjeff, can I steal one of your photos to use as evidence please?

Which still leaves me with an unidentified plant.

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