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Mark 499

Can anyone I.D this evergreen Viburnum ?


, flowering in my garden now.

Looks like virburnum tinus Eve price. Try the rhs plant selector to narrow it down as there are several which look quite similar.


It's the one without the pink buds. Is that Eve Price?



Eve Price



Not Eve Price then.

Maybe White Egret or French White. I don't know them well enough to tell the difference. 


Just posted another pic' but only got a small amount of foliage in shot on right hand side.

Will nip out with camera. The close up is from Mum's taken the other day, all her stuff is way ahead of mine.

Hi everyone, could anybody give me a clue as to what this plant is please, it popped up last summer, ne


ver flowered and now there are 8 of them, very puzzled




Hi Jill, you'd do better starting a new thread for a new ID.

This is caper spurge, Euphorbia lathyrus. I think it's distributed by aliens. It crops up from nowhere. 

lolol i cant. stop laughing, just my luck. I like to be different

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