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Evening All,

I have this lovely perennial in the garden which is a lovely plant being tall, strong and extremely long flowering. It is also attractive to bees/insects and so easy to propogate that it's untrue!

My problem is that I just can't get a proper ID on it! Frustratingly I have got it down to either a form of NEMESIA or DIASCIA VIGILIS of some sort????

If it helps it is a good 3' tall and has square hollow stems, serrated/toothed green leaves and flowers from spring through to the first frosts....

Your help would be very much appreciated....





Yes it's diascia. We grew some very successfully from seed this year.


yep its diascia.. i have it in my garden.. love it.. dead head it and it grows more further down the stem..

@lovetogarden.. i ws thinking about growing from seed.. as mum wants some and cant ake cuttings.. so you found seed ok.. when did you sow them..



Gardenfanatic. ----They were sown in about March/April can't be too sure of month but it was springtime, from a free packet of seed we had had some time. We didn't know if they would germinate being fairly old seed, but they came up like grass, no problem at all. You can buy the seed from just about any seed company. I can't tell you the variety, sorry. You can also take cuttings but as I have never tried I can't help you there. No doubt some one on the forum will tell you when and how.

Best of luck.


 PS--most of the diascias are treated as half hardy annuals, but will overwinter if kept in a sheltered/frost free place. We have to take them into the greenhouse if we want to keep them, them it's touch and go. I have kept a white one for my hanging basket for several years, hope to do the same with these from this years sowing.


lovetogarden.. thanks for that.. mine have stayed out since last year as sheltered by several shrubs..

@leggi.. love the bog garden.. superb idea.. my boy thought it great fun.


LOL, thanks it's always good to recycle what you can and even better if you can put a smile on someone's face at the same time!!.... 

My "nearly" five year old thinks it's great fun also!!!



Haha I've just had a read, that Bog Garden is hilarious


@higgy50.. so sorry got hte wrong poster.. yes it is fun.. reminds one day when i was driving down the road sat at lights and  on the other side of road waiting was a white van.. for plumbing company.. and a picture on the side of the drivers door of a body sat on the toilet.. my boy laughed so much.. he said "look mummy. he is sat on the toilet while driving and you can see his bottom"  it was good.. just wish i had my camera..

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