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I have been given a load of firewood from a work colleague and amongst it all is this tree stump or trunk.


I had planned to use it as a bug pile to rot down in a corner of the garden, tucked behind Geranium and ferns and being a bit of a feature as well. However, seeing the RHS Tatton Park GreEnCo garden on the Gardeners World Tatton Park TV programme with the plants growing from the top of log piles I am wondering if there are any plants I can plant into any natural holes in it. I don't want to start growing Ivy over it just small plants. It's more or less in the position I want it in which is tuked away in a shady and damp spot.

Can anyone give me some suggestions for plants???



Maybe you could use some rockery plants? They might like this sort of environment? 


I'd be looking at small ferns

Stacey Docherty

I have a tree stump in my garden that has nay self set asplenium-scolopendrium growing from it it's very effective!!! I also have pots of hostas on top of the cut branches . Will take a pic tomorrow and upload it 

Stacey Docherty

 Hope this works this site doesn't seem to like iPad uploads!!!!!



Many thanks for the fern ideas, I think I will go that way to add variety to the ferns already planted in the position I will be putting the stump

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