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My kitchen window faces north and towards my side entrance which is about 1.5m wide. It gets some evening sun. Could anyone suggest some plants to give interest for as much of the year as possible? They would need to grow about 1.5m but not damage my neighbour???s fence or have invasive roots. I have made a simple narrow raise bed to accommodate them.

As with all these questions a picture makes it easier to visualise and make suggestions-any chance?

Good idea, thanks. How do you do that?

Click on the oak tree on the message bar-click select- click on the picture you want to upload-click upload and then save-pictures appears in your message

Sheila's just gone out - husband Brian here.

We've looked at this, and the furthest we can get with uploading images is that the facility will be 'available soon' - also, there aren't the text tools here that are shown on the illustration.

Is it possible that this facility isn't available in all areas?

We've explored the possibility of HTML v Plain Text, but there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for toggling between the two. Hope we're not missing the obvious, but it does seem that quite a number of people are having the same problem.



Are you using an i-pad by any chance??-can you see the message bar icons?

If you are you wont be able to do a direct upload-you could post a link to an external photo -sharing site as an alternative

No - laptop running Win 7. We'll have to do some work on this!!

Then if you can see the message bar- the oak tree is next to ABC-if you can't try switching browsers -but you should


try having a look at this, may help

discodave wrote (see)

Couldnt be simpler, 

 Click on the icon, 

 Select your image then click the upload button (check your image ia saved as a jpeg file)

It was all in Settings!!!!!!

 Thanks for all your help - why it didn't default to this I'll never know!!



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