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could you please identify this grass for me i dont remember planting it but it is quit a large clump

 i have looked in my books and tried the internet but no luck, if its from a seed dropped by a bird it could be invasive and i will  get it out



If the stems are triangular in profile then it well could be Carex pendula which is an awful seed weed.


Without seeing the whole plant it is difficult.  It looks like Carex pendula or pendulous Sedge which forms very large clumps if you let it and self seeds everywhere.  Established clumps are very hard to dig out. 

I'm no grass expert so someone on the forum may correct me.  However, if it is pendulous Sedge then I can tell you of my experience of it. I used to have some in my last garden.  I was forever pulling up seedlings and cursed when I tried digging up an established clump.  It is brilliant, however, for dark, shady areas or problem corners. I planted it in shade to fill a gap and it was much more well-behaved.  I am looking to acquire some for my back garden, which has a longish deep border that is in shade a lot of the time, it will help to fill it out quite nicely.  It is beautiful but plant it in full sun in good soil at your peril!

Steve 309

If it's a sedge, presumably it does better in damp soil?



It is sedge and although very attractive it will be an absolute pest as it seeds everywhere and eventually grows into thick clumps which are a nightmare to dig out.   I know by hard experience.  



thank you i am on my way with a spade right now despite the rain


its out and will go on the bonfire when its dried out 

thank you all for the help


Keep a look out for any emerging seedlings (tiny tough looking grass like leaves) and whip them out before they can get a foothold.

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