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Dear Forum Members,

Can you identify this? is it of the 'hyacinth' family? Berries look toxic. I don't want it where it is in the garden, is it easy to remove? can it be transplanted? I have a feeling it's quite a ubiquitous plant in these Isles, having seen it before.

Many thanks!

The Grateful Deadhead


Steve 309

Too small to see in fact   Can you upload a bigger version?


Arum maculatum - Lords and Ladies aka Cuckoopint.....wild flower probably brought in by the birds. Most things in the garden are poisonous!!


If it has green leaves it's Arum maculatum, lords and ladies, cuckoo pint.

If it has variegated leaves it's Arum italicum marmoratum

It was about 1mm bigger when I enlarged it Steve


Steve 309

  That's useful then!    Just tried enlarging the display.. That works

Glad you've got an answer

Again apologies for the photo size.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

The Grateful Deadhead

aaaah! just been reading up on it. I have heard of the  "Arum Lily" before. Thanks again!


I think arum lily is Zantedeschia, summat else altogether


Well, that's an example of the fallibility of Wiki 

Oooh, I feel a mares tail/horsetail coming on.....(blush face)

Oh no!!!  Don't let's go there again ............................  I don't have the energy in this weather 

Oh I quite agree re wiki. its best to triangulate your data... !

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