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Jess is in the Garden

Firstly...Happy Christmas!





Now to business

 I saw this beauty in the park today - the photo doesn't do it justice really, but the branches are almost silver in the light and beautiful against a water backdrop.

Was wondering what it might be - anyone know?


Thank you 

Any chance you could go back and take a close-up of a branch, one of any leaves remaining (or on the ground) and I think I can see some hazel-like catkins - a pic of those as well.

It's clearly a shrub with a weeping habit. I did think of Rubus cockburnianus, but it's not that. 

Oh, and Happy Christmas to you as well!

Jess is in the Garden

Thanks LG 

I couldn't get any closer because off Keep off Grass signs and rubbish camera phone!

No leaves I could see remaining, no. May have to wait tip Spring or when no one's watching and climb over fence...

It's a snowman jess.   

A closer picture would help with second 


Verdun you are sillier than me.


Hee hee hee. I am, I am I am 


Hi Jess, I think it is Rubus Cockburnianus, if it,s like a sprawly blackberry bush with prickles it is. Happy Christmas everyone xxx

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