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Afternoon all


Can anyone help me out and name the tree that dwells in my garden? Trying to learn a bit more about what lingers in my green space!! It turns pinkish in April/may and then green leaves through the summer falling off in November.


Any help appreciated.





Looks a bit  like a flowering cherry. t would help if you could post a picture of the trunk bark, and of a fully opened leaf when they open out. 


Jess is in the Garden

flowering cherry flowers I think, as well, though Gold1locks is right that it's easier if you see the bark too


I would say its a cherry also


Well, whatever it is, it's very pretty!

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I believe it is Prunus cerasifera. 

Common name Cherry plum.



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blackest.. the link you give is to a stock photo.

Professional photographers advertise their pics on different sites in the hope people will buy them for magazines /cards etc. to earn them money


They see a pretty tree with blossom and just add a name ... such as "beautiful japanese cherry."

However, very often the labels are vague.

Certainly you cannot trust it as botanically accurate.


Prunus cerasifera  nigra often has red leaves in summer.

Here's a picture of the bark Gold1Locks!

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