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Hi there, can anyone tell me the name of this plant please?

Last edited: 10 November 2017 14:28:06

Kitty 2

I'm by no means certain, and this is a total guess ....

but something about it is making me want to say it's a type of euphorbia.

Did you buy it, or has it just popped up from nowhere? 


Could it be Ditrysinia fruticosa?


It looks like Euphorbia Lathyris, the Caper Spurge.


Kitty 2

A quick google and I think borderline and fidget are right 👍.

I always think of lathyris as the skinny leaved one. Same name but look different.


it's biennial, this is the second year. Skinny leaves are the first year

My initial thought was Euphorbia. Thank you!  It isn’t mine  it belongs to a friend. Thanks again.

Kitty 2

Ah, I didn't know that.  Thanks for the info nut 😊.  

Still learning new things all the time on here 😁 👍.


me too. Never stop learning but seem to do more forgetting as years go by 

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