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I've found these, rather destroyed plants, in my rockery - I decided to plant them in these little pots temporarily to try and revive them... I am just wanting to find out what exactly they are?

Are they succulents? Can anyone identify these please?

I think the slugs have been at them!!



Yes, they're succulents - there's some sempervivums and echevaria and some others .........  

They'll have been very unhappy in the very wet weather we had over the winter - I've lost quite a few succulents this winter.  You've taken the right action to try to let them dry a bit.

Now I'd pot them up into individual pots with good drainage in a mixture of loam based compost with added horticultural grit and keep them in a sheltered corner without too much shade - keep checking underneath and around the pots for slugs and snails!!!

They should recover 


Thanks so much Dovefromabove!! I'll definitely do that!

Mark 499

The ones on the left look like Lewisias


Thanks Mark



I was thinking they look like aeoniums, which are frost tender. In a normal winter they would have died, but it has been so mild they have survived with just losing some leaves.

I'd follow doves advice, but next september I'd get them under cover.


You're right fidgetbones... one of them is definitely an aeonium! Thank you!!

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