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Dovefromabove wrote (see)

....  As for the second - if you pick a leaf and bruise it, does it smell of anything - onions or garlic for instance?

I'm thinking of garlic chives - leaves look wrong for bluebells to me.  

Punk you are right - it is comfrey. It looks like the pinky one or the white/ pale yellow one. Both loved by bees, especially bumbles.

The white / pale yellow version is low growing and spreads rapidly! I often harvest the leaves for my compost heap but it doesn't seem to do any long term damage! A friend called it symphytum alba.

Have a look at Symphytum 'Hidcote Blue', it's a hybrid and looks like the OP's pics.



Nut  I was trying desperately to remember when officinale flowers but some things don't come to mind as quickly as they used to 


Mine haven't started to put up stems yet. It's a large coarse plant. Good for beside my pond though

My little white ones have been flowering for ages but I don't think they're the same as the photo.

There are a lot of symphytum out there

Glad other people are agreeing with me! 

Hiya Dove and Star, how're you both? 

Good good, been keeping busy I hope?  And I'm well too thankyou, I've now got two jobs in two different nurseries which I'm happy about!  Although college has been hard recently, hence taking a break from here.

The top ones look like pulmonaria to me.


ceninp, I would agree

Comfrey is great for bees and great for compost - just keep hauling some of it out and add to your heap. Also makes super fertiliser as comfrey 'tea', soaked in a bucket until it gets pretty smelly - great for the garden.


I love comphreys. The big one, officinalis, grows beside my pond,not much else will due to very variable water levels. The blue one has a corner where it can grow without escaping and the little early white one is on another pond bank. The bees are very pleased, especially with the early one.


Could the second be three cornered leek?  We are over run with it here but it does make good eating - check if broken leaves smell garlicky.  

Agree re comfrey.


The leaves look a bit wide and light coloured to me Auntiemaud.


star gaze lily

Fine thanks Ryan, glad you are too. Sound like your very busy! 

nutcutlet wrote (see)

The leaves look a bit wide and light coloured to me Auntiemaud.


didn't realise I could click and enlarge pictures  - Yes, you are correct Nutcutlet.    Mine are very vigorous but on seeing the pics up close I don't think that's what they are.   Apologies for getting it wrong.



Don't apologise Auntiemaud. That's how these plants get IDd. Lots of ideas are thrown in and mostly we come to some sort of conclusion 

But sometimes we don't.