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Can anyone identify a plant I have seen is some gardens?

It has cerise/purple flower, flat head, 4/5 petals, silver grey stalk and

leaves and is about 15+ inches high. Used a lot in borders.

Any suggestions welcome for reference. Flowers are about 2cm across



Lychnis coronaria?

Yes!!! Thank you very much. A friend has a cottage in Brittany

and saw some in a garden the other day. I was sure someone on the blog

would know what it is!


It is a good doer in my garden as it self seeds, I did have some white ones but the majority are now cerise.


lovely plant, but once you have it you can not get rid!! I will re seed everywhere. You will be giving every house guest plants to take away home  


Gardening Grandma

There's one thing about garden 'thugs' - an awful lot of so-called cottage garden plants are pretty rampant in one way or another - is that you have lots of plants that you could pot up and sell at the gate or in boot sales.

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