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Can anyone tell me what the name of these are please ?  Thanks for looking.



flowering rose

I have them and I cant remember either must dash to the book look it up.

Is it called London Pride ( (Saxifraga)?

Thank you - I'll go and look those suggestions up.



Not London,s Pride. Some sort of sedum, the type that you can grow on a roof

Definately a saxifrage called London Pride which reminds me i dont know what has happened to mine.


it looks like a succulent to me.. but that is all i say aaout it..

flowering rose

yes your right ,just found the label .Aeoninm.I bring mine in the winter . mist each day ,water when dried can grow more from leaves.sorry could not get straight back.

Thanks everyone and to flowering rose for taking the time to come back - i think I'll settle for Aeonium !


Aeonium canariense - not hardy, you'll have to pot upand bring indoors before frost strikes!


Thought so!   Lovely!  Wish we had room to overwinter some - especially the black one 

Thanks everyone for the advice - much appriciated !

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