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This grass was given to me by my Uncle.  It was about 20 fronds, and a foot high.. Now it is about three foot high, and about 4ft in circumference.   Ornamental Grass? Or Weed? 



I think a better photo would be required. This one must have been taken in the dark. A sight of the leaves or the flower would be essential to ID. Both preferably


Stipa arundinacea? It does clump up quickly.

I agree - Stipa arundinacea, although I think it's name has changed - can't remember what.



 Here we go - far better picture - complete with the litte thingies that grow on the stalks.... You can see I'mreally good at gardening


Not too sure what grasses they are,but i have a mysterious plant appeared in my garden too .Its about 5ft tall with lemon flowers see pic,hoping someone will no its name?



that is cephalaria ruth (scabious)


I'm not a grass expert so will leave that for others,but Ruth's is a scabious. 


Try Juncus effuses or something similar  ( a Rush)


brrrrr brrrrrr brrrrr Dove From Above... Uvvaavvvooooooo.. You are right!! That looks exactly like it....


And Fidget Bones... Also THank you so much,!

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