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I'm not sure this is a Philadelphus as has been suggested.  The plant is 2m x 2m and woody stems.  Deciduous.  White flowers turn to face the sun but only last one day.  I'm interested in how to prune it.  Any suggestions appreciated!





Salino, it's a Cistus aguilari 'Maculatus'... this particular variety resents severe pruning... so light pruning only...

..I should add that there is another variety called Cistus 'Ladanifer' with very similar flowers, however the foliage and shape of the bush suggests the former plant to my eye...

the foliage on Ladanifer is usually more darker green and the bush more sprawling..


Never mind :P


Prune after it has finished flowering and as has already been mentioned, don't cut too far back. You could part of the plant quite hard back - a bit that is paticularly in the way,overhanging etc but always make sure there is some growth beyond where you are cutting and see how the plant responds. Cistus often get woody and leggy with age and are often best replaced. They are quite easy to take cuttings from and they would be your insurance....if the plant didn't like the hair cut!


It looks very like my Cistus Snowfire



..I think Snowfire is a hardier version of one that I have called  'Decumbens', these are dwarf ground cover shrubs.. there are several Cistus with these maroon blotches, another called 'Alan Fradd' which is a longer flowering but smaller shrub than Maculatus...and more suitable for narrow borders...

here's my Cistus 'Decumbens' just to compare...


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