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Can anyone tell me what this tree / shrub is please ?  Been growing in a 400mm pot for several years now.  I would like to plant out but don't know anything about it.  It's currently about 600mm high / 400mm spread.

 Can anyone suggest what type of tree / shrub this is ?  It's been growing in a 400mm pot for several years now.  I would like to plant out but don't know anything about it.  Currently 600mm high x 400mm spread.

Many thanks

Stephen, going by the leaf shape and flower I would say,
"Bauhinia variegata Candida"
Semi evergreen shrub grown for its flowers. Grown in a pot you can thin it out after flowering, water well in summer but reduce watering in winter.
Planted as a tree it will grow to 30 feet high and 30 feet spread, I will let you turn those measurements into Latin, I am too old for fiddling with what I grew up with.
Unless you have plenty of room keep it in the container, wheel it out when in flower then move something else in flower to the front, it works for me.


Lion S

This looks like a Japanese Azalea to me. Lovely little shrub that should be planted in partial shade in a well-drained soil. If your soil is alkaline you should use ericacious compost as these thrive in acidic soils.


I agree with Flowerchild. Make sure you plant it in acid soil, or it will not thrive.

Flowerchild, I think you are right, I should have checked out the size now after several years as Stephen said, what is wrong with feet and inches.
They do produce flowers white through Yellow like"Lutescens" though there are many whites but with colour in the base.
Mine are in semi shade with acid soil and have just finished blooming rotten weather or not.




I'd like a white one like that, which may be Azalea 'Snow White', an evergreen Japanese type.

Here are a couple I have.  The red one is 'Mother's Day' and the mauve one with lovely big flowers is 'Megan'.   I hope you like them.


can anyone please tell me what this is growing in my greenhouse 


Thank you all for the info.

What size to Japanese Azaleas grow to then ?  

Looking at your photos 'Salino' - the flower does look similar but what about the shape of the shrub ?  Mine is in the shape of a mini tree with a single stem about   25mm (1 inch) thick and 150mm (6 inches) high. Is yours the same ?


No, mine aren't the same.  Yours sounds as though it's been bonsai'd... which it probably hasn't but it is very small.  Wouldn't know which one that is.

Metal Man's leafy plants look like salad Rocket, have you been sowing any?


Wow Salino - they look stunning!


^ thank you - I'm glad you liked them.

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