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Any ideas on this? It's growing wild in the sun near woodland in Sweden.




Many thanks in advance!




looks like something created in photoshop

Rainwater Fanatic

Did you take this picture yourself Tetricus? If you did and are therefore certain that it is not a fake, it may be worth taking a high resolution image down to a really good plant nursery. You appear to have stumped the forum.


The shame is that the enlarging facility on here does not work, it says there is an error. Looking at the leaves I think there are two plants together there.


I think it's one plant and the purple 'flowers' are bracts. No idea what it is though!



if you click on the picture when it goes to what should be the enlarged version and there is onley a little square icon in the top left corner look at the bar at the top of the page where it says Gardenersworld,com/forum etc etc  click on that and backspace untill you reach JPeg and then hit enter it will then show the enlarged image

Lion S

When I try to enlarge the photo I only get some weird secret code. Am I doing something wrong?


looks like the blue colour could be the new leaf growth (like pieris with new red growth then changes to yellow as it ages) still dont know what it is though x


think I found it .....Wood Cow-wheat....melampyrum nemorosum.... on a wildflower web site for sweden x

Salino where it's due Rhoda, that was marvellous detective work...

Wow Rhoda, awesome work. Now to get my hands on some seed - this plant is amazing!


B&T World Seeds .......there you go i have used some of my little grey cells.... there is a web site and they are also on facebook and twitter x


Lion S

I take my hat off to you Rhoda!! That's some find.



thanks... it will be interesting to see how they grow x

Wow, what a fantastic plant. But don't want to put a dampner on this Agatha Christie moment, but might be an idea to just check how vigorous it is. It was growing in the wild in Sweden, how would it do in this country?

We're having all sorts of problems with imported plants and diseases right now, so might be worth just checking before growing.

Sorry don't want to be a spoil sport, but hope you know where I'm coming from


Thats ok.....on investigation Its an annual.... so fairly controlable ... I have british wild flower annuals that spread like crazy but as long as i deadhead before seeding I can controll them ....But I agree if your going to sow them check with the seed company.

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