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We just moved into this house in December so obviously don't know what's going to appear in the garden ! But I have noticed quite a few of these, can anyone tell me what it is ?



look like wallfowers to me

Erysimum, or as little-ann says wallflower, looks like the perennial variety with those woody stems.

Thank you, there's quite a few of them, at least I know something will grow in my yukky garden lol ! Can't wait to see what else is in there.

I think Erysimum too, either a perennial or one of the types more usually grown as a biennial, but not pulled up and discarded as usual and because of the mild winter it's flowering again. 


Just reading that its short-lived, oh well.

Those look like the seedpods of last year's wallflowers to me - a common sight in my mother's garden as she could never bear to discard a plant if it would continue growing.  

As wallflowers are of the brassica family they will continue to grow and flower in following years, but because the old growth dies off and the the new growth and flowers are at the tips they don't look fantastic - so we pull them up and grow them as biennials. 

There is a rose bush growing in front of the wallflower - that's got the thorns on it. 

Deb13b wrote (see)
Just reading that its short-lived, oh well.

My dad's had wallflowers for donkeys years and done nothing with them but they come up every year!

Edd wrote (see)

Think the woody stems are a different plant (rose?) I can see thorns at the bottom of the pic. Not sure what to make of the dried seed pods.


Thanks Edd, I hadn't noticed those. I wondered where a wallflower kept it's thorns.



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