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Leaves are a mid green colour 3 pointed, not dissimilar to a strawberry leaf Flowers are in clusters small trumpet like and pink Can anyone help?
rosie plum

hi a picture would be a great help. being a shrub i thought escallonia at first but the leaf description dosent match, it kind of sounds like rhododendron prunifolium but again not the right leaf shape, could they be hardy geranium (cranesbill)..well if you google any of these you can see for yourself...

Thank you I do have a picture but am having trouble uploading. I will take a look at them. Thank you for your help
rosie plum

also try viburnum bodnantense, im very curious to see what it is now!!

No luck with any of these the leaf is flat and seperates into 3, I am trying to figure out how I can attach a photo!


rosie plum

if you hover over the tree icon a bit to the right of the smiley faces then its easy after that

rosie plum

the tree icon in your textbox i should have said!!!

Hmmm I don't have that maybe as I am on my phone will log in on the pc and see if I have more luck!! Driving me mad as googled everything I can think of to describe it and coming up with nothing
Found it, it's a ribes sanguineum king Edward vii, thank you x
rosie plum

haha ribes one of my fav shrubs!!!!how did i not get that seeing as they are in full bloom right now!!!!

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