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I returned home from work just about 10mins ago and ran straight to the conservatory AKA nursery to see what has happened while I have been at work. Imagine my excitement when I found the following up!!! Agapanthus root set 27th march Primula vialii root set 28th Gazania bronze set 29th march African marigold (own seeds) set 30th march My dahlia tubers have also sprouted another set if leaves so another one not dead!!! Just hope more come soon. Happy girly tonight!!!!!

I love a good germinate. Very exciting

Very very exciting. Now need to make more paper pots to pot on the marigolds. I know it will be a while but I have to make a stock of pots! Have no where near enough pots to pot up!! Ooops

I've got a major pricking out operation ahead. Always looks as though I've got plenty of pots but they soon get used up.

Red dahlia, that's brilliant. You're going to have a colourful summer


Sad thing is I hardly have any room for things. My partner said that things weren't touching last year so I have plenty if room. But it was year 1 of my perennials, so hopefully this year it will be fuller.

If not my family will love me. Just have to set to to make my square pots. Wondering how big I need my pots?!

Also need to save up for compost!
Red dahlia, having no space is problem for ,most of just now...I have loads n loads of pots just waiting to get planted. When warmer and the plants are in the ground we will get our space back
I mean no space for planting the new plants in garden
* Red Dahlia * wrote (see)
I mean no space for planting the new plants in garden

RD- I know! 


Every spring before things grow I think 'What am I going to put in all these gaps?'

By May it's 'Where am I going to put all these plants?'

But somehow its addictive as I want insurance policies incase my plants didn't come through winter!!

Nothing for it, will have to make my boarders deeper. They are only 1.5ft and my other half said he only wanted me to take 1/2 ft of the lawn up! Looks like I will need to creep it up to 3 ft, leaving about a 5ft lawn!!!! Ooops

Go for it RD - your plants will be far more interesting and colourful than lawn.  I have an area of lawn which I am itching to get borders dug into - had hoped to make a start last year but it never stopped raining. 


If you cut back into the lawn a bit at a time OH won't notice RD


Good plan Nutcutlet


That's what I thought? But the lawn in total at the back is only about 9ftx 11ft so I have to be careful not to make it look too out if proportion!!! Everything is just looking so sad! It's heavy clay too and want to improve it but can't add more because if I pick up the height too much then it will sit on and rot my fence! But how do I improve the soil when I have plants in!


I got rid of my small lawns years ago which left me with bigger borders and gravel paths. I've never regretted it.
Oh I have to have a lawn. A place to sit, recline etc, that green award and the fantastic smell when the grass is cut.
Red dahlia make your border as wide as you can. ,plants just don't look right and dont grow as well,in very narrow borders. And you can plant deeper and associate colours and shapes better
The dog no doubt loves "his" lawn as does mine
I mean no space for planting the new plants in garden