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Yeah, I thought about that and some of the prices were crazy (one bulb sold for £725). I have found them in poundland 12 for a pound, thats 120 for a tenner..


Good price Dave, is that a local shop to you, I havent heard of it down this way. Have you looked on the net yet?

I would get £20.00 worth for a start, how big an area do you want to fill?


I think the nearest one to you Lyn is 

56-58 Royal Parade

01752 657452

I have looked on the net and didnt find any better priced as yet, I just want to scatter them in clumps around the ferns. If I do groups of 10 that will work out to 12 clumps which I think should be plenty (considering I have been expanding my collection of bluebells over the last 6 years and now have almost too many)


Thank you for that Dave, I am not all that far from Plymouth, but never go, I havent been there for 10 years.

Your patch will look lovely with the ferns and when they are finished, the bluebells will come out.


My bluebells are out now, they sprouted in January. Looks like they are going to flower early this year.

 These ones are at the bottom of the garden and further behind the growth of the ones in the "sunnier" spots.



I've just ordered some for myself. I've always been told you get more success planting in the green (ie now) than planting dry bulbs like those in your link from poundland. 

I ordered 100 from (ad was in GW mag), and they were £9 + 3.50 postage, i also wanted some bluebells so got those at the same time. If you're looking for them now "in the greens" are probably the way to go.


You're right Andy. Snowdrops bulbs hate to dry out and anything in a packet now will have been dry for a long time.

My singles came from eurobulbs and have multiplied in a big way.


I went to poundland today and could only find 2 packs of snowdrops (they don't know if they will get more in). Thanks for that link andy, they are well priced and a good selection. 


Mine arrived yesterday, look good, still got flowers on them so you can see what they are.. gonna have to get home early from work tonight and try and get them in the ground before the snow hits lol.. 

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