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My indoor cyclamen have some very fat seedpods on them. Do I have to let these dry off before sowing, or shall I just pop them open and use them as they are now? Is this even the right time of year to try sowing the seed? I'm a bit of a cyclamen novice to be honest, but they are such pretty plants I'd like to propagate more.


They will open naturally at the point they are ready to be sown.  I find them incredibly easy to grow.  Just pop the seed onto some seed compost and cover lightly (I usually use a dusting of fine vermiculite but fine compost also works.)  Once they have grown a couple of leaves, carefully prick-out and plant the tiny round corm which will have formed just on or below the surface of a small pot.  In 2 years they will have grown large enough to flower.

Thanks for your help, Bob. I'll give this a go when those fat pods burst open.

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