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I have Morning glory, sunflowers, Dahlia's, columbine and poppies sitting on a windowsill. They are still very young, they only germinated about 3 days ago. The leaves on the MG are starting to turn a creamy colour and getting leggy. 

The temperature outside is starting to pick up, and the weather is much nicer and sunny. Could I put them outdoors during sunny days and bring them in at night? Or will they die because they are so young/fragile?




Make sure they're sheltered from wind and also any heavy rain that might be forecast.   Wind can dessicate small plants and also bend stems.  Rain can batter them.

Make sure you don't forget to bring them in at night before it gets cool. 

Thanks for your replies They are behind a shed in a shaded spot. I haven't covered them or anything though.

hollie hock

Hi Arose, yes I would start to move them out, they are only little so would watch out for the weather


Thanks Hollie


Morning Glory especially need pretty high temperatures before they go out, otherwise they sulk.

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