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Little weeeed

Good Afternoon

A couple of months ago I carefully planted some seeds - Chilli peppers-Red Demon.  I waited patiently for them to peep out from their little pots and then lovingly potted them on.  They are nurtered in the greenhouse and have grown tall and strong, as have all my other pepper plants, many of which are showing fruits.

BUT.....I am beginning to realise that these plants are not what I expected...they have flowered, one white and one yellow, but not the slightest indication of anything like a pepper!   I would like confirmation that I have been duped, mislead and even tricked into aiding and abetting WEEDS!!

Please tell me it's not so.....                   



Those are definitely not peppers-that is so.


Dunno what they are but not chillies, and I doubt anything edible.


They are both garden weeds and the seed was probably in the compost you used. 

Little weeeed

Thanks ...I was afraid of this.  I wonder what happened to all the pepper seeds?  I suppose none of them germinated.  Ah to uproot the intruders and chuck them in the green recycling bin for the council.  I don't want anymore in the compost!   


Gardening Grandma

What a shame!   We won't tell anyone, though. Of course that kind of thing has never happened to me..... Well, yes it has, and it is very disappointing!

Little weeeed

Thanks for the sympathy folks. Will try to do better!   


We have All done this sort of thing.  Once tried to train a potato plant up a trellis


In his youth my dear son 'helped' in the garden by putting all the potato haulms on the bonfire his father had lit - including my newly planted blackcurrant bushes, which apparently took quite a bit of pulling up! 

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