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I love Lamiums but there is one - not sure of it's name - that is on a mission to take over the garden

Pam x


i bought a plant that had lovely leaves, awful yellow flowers, but it became very invasive. SINACALIA...................... other plants I have that I have dug out clumps most years, are. Achillea 'the Pearl', Crocosmia lucifer, (which is allowed to stay in but in small clumps), also Elymus magellanicus, Kentucky blue grass. Carex Bronze Comans. Most of the hardy Geraniums especially Kaffir white. Persicaria firetail, and Southcombe white, Euphobia 'Fens Ruby',  Darmera peltiphyllum quickly became a thug, but it is in an area where it looks ok. Sasa 4' bamboo. Rosa Rugosa, I have to prune out sections monthly. Rosa Bobby James, from a cutting five years ago, it is not only over my 30' workshop wall and roof, but is also going up into an ash tree and would be off down the field if I let it. Verbascum Chiaxii self seeds everywhere. Echinops self seeds, but the worst offender is a Cirsium rivulare, I grew from seed, hoping it would be cerise, turned out to be an awful wishy washy lilac. That has spread everywhere. 



I would like to add Evening Primrose.  I introduced one plant into my garden and I am overrun by it now.  I reckon every seed ever produce by the plant has germinated.


Clarkia of all things is a self seeder...hundreds of seedlings every year...pretty colour but not the most elegant of plants. So is quite invaisive. All depends on your soil, aspect etc what is invaisive and what is not!

Yellow loosestrife and a hardy-geranium which I think is cranesbill. Not too bad if they are in a large bed but the geranium has taken over a small island bed, covering all others, despite a fame thinning it out each year. Also,
Hypericum, asdlovelya shrubs but sends its roots all over my gravel garden and even penetrates the planting fabric.


Sorry about typos above. Still getting "fat finger syndrome" on my new IPad!
Green Magpie

Don't plant a Pernettya. Not if you don't want to find it straying around putting up prickly suckers all over your border or bed, regardless of anything else that may be growing there. Not if you don't want to spend ages trying to pull out bucketfuls of the pesky roots and suckers, and ferrying the whole lot to the Council tip.

And if you really, really do want some, come round to our place and I'll pull up a bit for you. We still have lots to spare!

And Vinca Major (periwinkle) is another thug to avoid.

Hiya backyardee. You sure elymus magellanicus is invasive? I have grown this for many years now and it's well behaved, no runners, no seeding! Also with geraniums, with me they are fine. Many newer varieties are sterile but I have always been careful of some of the older ones. Lucifer does spread but I keep clumps as you do but pot up into large pots plunge into the garden. Lindapalmara, the hericum you describe is calycinum and it does run. Not to be confused with hidcote a shrub or others which are finer plants. Share your clumsiness with iPad by the way but what a useful gadget!

"Hypericum" - yellow flowers and mine definitely does send its roots underground and comes up in every join of the planting fabric under the pebbles.  I'm always pulling pieces up!



Hi Chris 2, Sorry I got carried away, you're quite right, my magellanicus behaves it's the glaucus that goes nuts. That's in a border in a bottomless pot and I never let the flower headws stay on for more than a week or two. 

Hiya lindapalmara. There are lots of different hypericums. You have the invasive perennial I spoke about earlier but there are alpine forms and well behaved shrus. Just like human families there are good and bad guys! Glyphosate is your best option to rid totally

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