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Last week we were on holiday in London and my wife graciously consented to us visiting Kew. Whilst we were there we saw a tall Iris in the lawn beds that looked jet black from a distance. Close up we could see the flower was a glossy very dark purple. The plants were about 4ft high with large flowers. We were both very taken with them and would like to obtain them. Unfortunately they were not labelled and there were no staff about to ask. I did not have camera or mobile with me so have no picture. Anyone recognise this variety?


There's a lot of dark Irises Invicta so it would be hard to make a guess especially without a pic. I have a very dark inky one called Night Owl which I love. Perhaps try looking on one of the specialist nursery's sites and see if you can get it narrowed down 


I've got Black Dragon, Dove but I don't think it's as black as Night Owl. My BD definitely wasn't as dark as that pic, although darker than it looks here - the camera doesn't seem to get the depth on the purple shades :



Dusky Challenger?
Just took this pic - sun is too low atm. Flowers look almost velvet black with a chocolate scent. About 4'6 tall

 Not sure which variety this is (it's not what I ordered), but it's stunning- 



Mark 499

 How about this one , Missouri Memories

Thank you for your quick responses, Dovefromabove, the link to the photo of Black Dragon looked the closest to it, I realise it was definitely a bearded Iris from the links. I will look on line for suppliers, thanks again.

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