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I have a large clump of Iris Sibirica under a small maple. This is my first summer in this garden but they have all flopped out from the tree and only one (in a huge clump) flowered in June. Are they leaning towards the sun, or not enough water or what? Should I move them or at least take out clumps and put elsehwere? Can they stand full sun or are they happier in shade? (Sorry, lots of questions!)

Iris sibirica do well in full sun or partial shade but they need moisture at their roots. 

The maple will be providing huge competition for food and water, especially during this heatwave, so water them throughly and then, in autumn when the foliage dies back, consider either moving them or giving them a very thorough mulch of garden compost and well rotted manure to retain moisture and again next spring.


That's really helpful thanks. I did wonder about the competition with the tree. I'll do both, move a big chunk of them and mulch. thanks so much.

My pleasure.  I have some of these myself and love the rich colours of the flowers.


Not seen any colour yet, as only one little flower appeared this year. I moved in last year and they were all flopped over but I thought they'd already flowered. Now I think probably they haven't for several years. 


In that case they are probably congested and need lifting and dividing to re-invigorate them.

You can do this from mid summer to early autumn while they're still green but you must water them thoroughly first and leave them to soak it up before you dig up teh clumps.  Then you can split them with a spade and replant them in well prepared soil containing lots of well rotted garden compost and/or manure to feed them and help retain moisture.  I would chuck in a couple of handsful of pelleted chicken manure too.

Once re-planted, they will need monitoring and regular watering until established, established if you do it sooner rather than later. 

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