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 can anyone tell me what this is as ive seen it in the wild it has very prickley branches and grows on some wasteland near to where i live also this 1 below



Viper's Bugloss, echium vulgare

Evening primrose, oenothers biennis

Whether they're weeds is up to you, I love them and so do insects. The bugloss is covered in bees and butterflies when in flower. Then the seeds get eaten by the finches.

They're both biennial so if you like them let them seed.

On the Towans behind me vipers bugloss and evening primrose naturally grow together and nature has made a lovely yellow n blue picture. Best in the wild though and not for me in the garden. Valerian, gorse, orchids all grow naturally on these Towans too

That would be lovely. It's an agricultural desert round me. If I want to see wild flowers I have to grow them myself or get in the car and drive.

The first picture looks like something I had in a packet of 'butterfly annuals' seeds I planted this year.


Not sure if it is against protocol to intrude on another's thread.  If so I apologise.

I found this plant near the base of a flowering cherry .  It has been growing so strongly without my aid I'm wondering if this is also a "weed"?



I don't recognise that. Very pretty pink.


Any plant can be bith a weed and a delightful addition to your garden, depending whether you like it or not.  There are a couple of things in my garden that I know are considered weeds by my friends, but I like them, the bees like them, and I do my best to keep them under control - tis all a matter of what you want and where. 


Thanks to everyone for the I.D'S I just wanted to know as im starting a insect garden for next season as i collected the seeds back in late september and they are in the fridge at the moment harding off.

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